Journey To the Dream That Is Québec And Learn French Along the Way.


Rendez-vous Quebec specializes in wholesale tours to Tour operators and agents. We provide not only the expertise to put together a great program tour but we can also help meet your budget requirements and schedules. Don’t miss a fabulous opportunity that will create an increased list of satisfied clients.
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Journey To the Dream That Is Québec And Learn French Along the Way. Québec is a traveler's dream destination, and Rendez-vous Québec offers some of the best tour packages to Montreal, Québec City and other exciting destinations in Quebec Province.


Have you ever wanted to visit French Canada but were worried about price, the language, culture barriers or the headache of organizing an all-encompassing vacation? Then let Rendez-vous Québec help you! We will guide you and introduce you to some easy basics of the French language and take you on a journey of discovery and extraordinary beauty. You will experience the history of Québec and the culture and belle vie that pervade French Canada.

Québec has been described as "France without the jet lag," but it has its own characteristics as well, including a population of friendly French Canadians who enjoy making travelers feel at home. No matter what the time of year, Québec offers something for the discriminating traveler.

The Province of Québec is located just a few hours from the US border and includes the cities of Montreal and Québec City, as well as extraordinary natural areas. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the rich culture, exquisite surroundings and fine accommodations of Québec. Book early with Rendez-vous Québec and be assured of a highly memorable experience!

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